Professional revision, proofreading and editing services

Many different and of confusing terms are used for the quality assurance of translations and texts. Proofreading, revision, editing or copy-editing are often confused. Many people, also business professionals, are not quite sure if they actually require proofreading, revision or editing services. Below we define our proofreading, revision and editing services:


The proofreading process comprises reviewing the translated text for grammar, spelling, syntax, typographical and punctuation errors.  The translated text will be proofread and corrected, however, it will not be checked against the source text.


Revision is more than proofreading. Here, the proofreader checks the translation against the original document and ensuring the quality, accuracy and completeness of the translation. This process is used to improve the flow and quality of the text and to ensure the right terminology is used. The proofreader checks the translation for contextual mistakes as well as inconsistent use of terminology. He will also carry out a stylistic and linguistic assessment of the text and ensures that the translation complies with client glossaries and specific client instructions.  After all, the translated text should read as if it was originally crafted in the target language.

Our standard translation prices comprise translation as well as a proofreading and revision by a second translator.


EuroMinds Linguistics also provides professional editing services of texts translated by other translation agencies, client employees or other third parties. Our editing services are also used to revise and edit texts that have already been written in the target language.

Editing services are often necessary to check and solve problems with previously translated texts. You are not satisfied with your translation or the text has been written by a non-native speaker? We provide editing services to meet your needs.

We make sure that your text is accurate and free of spelling and punctuation mistakes. This editing process also focuses on the readability, logic and clarity of a text. It comprises an in-depth grammar check by a professional translator as well as correcting the document layout, formatting, terminology, tone and style.

Text adaptation

Your text or translation already exists in French or Spanish, but need to be adapted for use in Canada or Latin America? EuroMinds Linguistics can assist you to adapt your translations or source texts to be suitable for the target country and target audience.

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