Specialised translation services by industry experts

Are you looking for a professional language service provider for your translations? EuroMinds Linguistics provides quality translation services in various subject areas and into all European and many non-European languages.

Mother-tongue translators

To ensure translations are of high quality, we only employs professional translators who are native speakers of the target language. We select our translators according to their language skills, educational background, subject knowledge and experience.

Professional translators not only have to speak both the source and target language fluently, they also have to understand the terminology of the subject being dealt with. All of our translators have a passion for languages and a thorough understanding of the source and target culture. Furthermore, they each have at least three years of experience as a translator and are recognised experts in their subject areas.

Our translators also have true editorial skills: they are able to naturally phrase their translations in a way that will enable them to be easily understood by the target audience. After all, the translation should sound like it has been drafted in the target language and not as a word-for-word translation.

All our translations are carried out according to the four-eye-principle, i.e. each translation is proofread and revised by a second translator who is also a native speaker of the target language. Our in-house team additionally carries out a review and layout check.

Moreover, our linguistic experts are accredited by translation and interpretation industry organisations, such as ITI, CIOL, BDÜ and ATA.

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