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Medical, Clinical, and Scientific Document Translation

Translation services for the Life Sciences Sector


EuroMinds Linguistics provides translation services for the life science sector for a wide range of clients. The life science sector stands for science, progress and cutting-edge technologies in a vast range of areas including pharmaceutics, health care and biotechnology. Our linguistic experts are aware of the diverse needs of our clients and have proven familiarity with translating all kinds of scientific and medical documentation as well as patents. This expertise ensures accuracy and consistency in terminology.

Specialised life science translators

EuroMinds Linguistics only works with translators who are qualified translators, native speakers of the target language and have extensive experience in translating documents for the life science sector. Our linguists hold academic degrees in fields such as biology, biotechnology, chemistry or medical or have years of experience in translating documents in these fields. To ensure the quality of our translations, each translation is then proofread by a second qualified translator, who checks the translation for accuracy, consistency and terminology.

Quality assurance

The use of translation memory tools allows us to build glossaries and translation memories for each of our clients and ensures the correct and consistent use of terminology. Our translation memory tool re-uses previously translated phrases or segments. This means that recurring phrases are always translated in the same way.

Project management

One of our dedicated project managers will take care of your projects from start to finish, ensuring that the project will be delivered on time and within budget. Close contact and dialogue with our clients is important to us.


We understand how important it is to treat client information and documents confidentially. EuroMinds Linguistics signs confidentiality agreements with our external translators. We are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients when required.

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