interpreting equipment

Technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation

Complete solutions for your interpretation needs​

EuroMinds Linguistics can provide you with conference and technical equipment for your event. We will set up the equipment the evening before your event or early in the morning, provide an onsite technician for the duration of your event and dismantle the equipment once your event is finished.

Our equipment includes:

  • Headsets
  • Interpretation booths
  • Infrared transmitters
  • Microphones
  • Sound system
  • Tour guide systems
  • All cables and wiring etc.

Interpreting booth

We provide portable interpreting booths for simultaneous interpretation for conferences and meetings. The booth is sound proof and comprises an interpretation system to ensure the highest possible standard of interpreting.

The standard measurements of the booth are: 160cm x 160cm x 200cm

Tour guide systems – Bidule

A tour guide system or portable interpreting system is used to provide simultaneous interpretation for field or visits, business trips or small meetings. Our portable interpreting kit comprises a portable radio transmitter and 20 headphones for the visitors. This is used for smaller groups of up to 20 participants, where the participants and interpreters have to move with the speaker. Tour guide systems do not require any set up and are ready to use straight away.

Sound system and other equipment

We provide microphones, cordless microphones, headphone receivers, speakers, projectors, video screens, laptops and more. Our technicians will assemble the booth, carry out the technical installation and will provide assistance throughout your event.

One of our experienced project managers will work with you to decide on your interpretation and equipment needs and will provide you with a customised quotation.

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