desktop publishing (dtp)

Multilingual typesetting and desktop publishing services

Layout for translations and multilingual documents​

DTP (Desktop Publishing) and multilingual typesetting is the process of using specific software programmes to combine text and images in order to produce documents such as glossy brochures, newsletters, flyers, books and advertisements.

Our multilingual DTP- and typesetting service ensures that your multilingual documents maintain the original layout and please your international client base. We offer high-quality foreign language typesetting in cooperation with our partner studio which has vast technical experience and in-depth knowledge of different language fonts. We regularly produce multilingual artwork in Adobe InDesign®, Quark Xpress®, Illustrator®, PageMaker® and more.

Desktop publishing (DTP) is often part of the translation process itself when it comes to the translation of annual reports, brochures or similar projects. There are several things to keep in mind when planning to produce artwork for multilingual typesetting.

Text expansion or contraction

As text is translated from one language to another, the translation can either get longer or shorter depending on the language pairs. German and French texts, for example, tend to be much longer than the English text. A Chinese translation would be much shorter than the English original. This has to be taken into consideration when designing brochures for translation. If the translated text becomes longer or shorter the whole design may be compromised.

Text direction

Some languages, such as Arabic or Hebrew, are written from right to left. When typesetting documents in these languages, the entire layout has to be flipped.

Text in graphics

Graphics are often created in separate design programs such as Illustrator or Photoshop. In order to translate the text in these graphics we would need to have the original design files.

DTP proofreading

All our typeset files are proofread by a professional proofreader to check that the text is properly hyphenated, that all text is copied correctly and that the page numbers and captions are correct.

Whether it is business cards or glossy brochures, EuroMinds Linguistics delivers your project on schedule, within budget and at the quality you require.

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