Audio transcription services – speech to text transcription

EuroMinds Linguistics delivers fast and reliable audio transcription services. Transcription is the creation of a text file from an audio or video file. We work with a pool of transcribers chosen for their linguistic skills and specialisation. All our transcribers are professional linguists with more than five years of experience, who can deal with a wide range of file types. They can transcribe from standard audio cassettes, DVDs, CDs, mini discs, video tapes, podcasts, online media and digital media.

Typical transcription projects:

  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Group discussions
  • Conferences
  • Speeches
  • Dictations

Transcriptions require a high level of concentration and the time require to transcribe audio material takes about 5 to 8 time longer than the source material. The material will normally be transcribed in word and detail, not summarised.

Attention to detail

Our aim is to deliver bespoke services. This means we customise our transcription services to best meet your needs. To ensure accuracy of the text, all our transcripts are fully proofread against the original audio file. We only work with professional and experienced transcribers and we never outsource our work to inexperienced transcribers.

Transcription types

There are three main transcription types.

Edited or paraphrased transcription

The transcriber concentrates on the content of the text. The text is edited for readability and clarity. Grammatical errors will be corrected and filler words such as ‘uhm’, ‘ahh’ etc as well as breaks will be omitted. There are no time stamps.  

Intelligent Verbatim transcription

The transcriber renders the content and meaning of the speech correctly. He performs light editing to correct grammatical errors, so that the transcription can be easily read and understood. Filler words such as ‘uhm’ and ‘ahh’ as well as laughter and pauses will be omitted.  Slang terms will be corrected and the transcription will have time stamps.

Verbatim transcription

Verbatim transcriptions include word for word everything that is being said. I.e. it includes all errors, filler words, pauses, throat clearing, background noises and incomplete sentences. The transcription will have time stamps. This kind of transcription takes considerably more time to complete.

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