project management

guiding you every step of the way

Our greatest asset is our people, consisting of a team of project managers who handle the planning, coordination, management and monitoring of the projects. Each project is assigned to a dedicated project manager who is responsible for the whole project life cycle from the quotation till the final delivery of the project. The project manager provides one-to-one contact with the customer and ensures that their requirements are met and the project is completed on time and within budget.

How we work

Step 1: Quoting

After we receive a text for translation from our client, we review and analyse the text and establish the accurate word count as well as repetitions in the text. The project manager will assess the complexity of the text and will create a quote based on the number of words. We will then send you our offer and estimated turnaround time. Our offers are never binding and are always free of charge.

Step 2: Project Manager

We assign a project manager to each client who will then be responsible for all your future translation projects. Once you have approved the quote, your project manager will set up the project and will collect any reference material or glossaries, style guides or specific instructions you might have. The project manager will be your point of contact during the whole translation process.

Step 3: Translation

The project manager will assign the translation to one of our translators. We work with a pool of translators who only translate into their native languages and who have a proven knowledge of various fields. The translator will be chosen based on experience and industry knowledge.

Step 4: Revision

Once the translation is ready, the texts will be proofread by a second translator. The proofreader is also a professional translator who is fluent in the source and target languages and who will have experience in the subject matter. The text is not only proofread for spelling and grammar mistakes, but also for the right use of terminology and consistency.

Step 5: In-house check

The finished translation is returned to the project manager who will perform a further in-house check and format the document so it looks like the original text. The document will also be checked for numbers, bullet points and other formatting issues.

Step 6: Delivery

Once the translation is completely finished, the project manager will send you the electronic file via email. We make sure to delivery on time and within budget.