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Commitment to Quality

High quality translation services

Our best quality assurance rests first of all on the meticulous choice of our translators.

Each project is unique in terms of its content and its complexity and the terminology to be used. We therefore choose the most suitable professional translator according to his or her unique skills and area of specialisation to ensure the best possible result.

To ensure all your documents are translated accurately and to a high-quality standard, we only use experienced and qualified translators who translate into their native language. Our translators also have a sound background in their area of specialisation. They use the latest translation tools, e.g. translation memories, terminology databases and glossaries.

Most of our linguists live and work in their native countries to keep up to date with their target language and culture.

All our translations are carried out by experienced professional translators and proofread by a second equally qualified translator and then checked internally for completeness. Our proofreaders check and guarantee the linguistic quality of the translations as well as the use of the right terminology.

After completion of the translation and proofreading phase, an internal quality check will be carried out.

We work closely with our clients and ask them for clarifications if needed.

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools

Effective use of translation memory tools

Staying abreast of technological advancements is a must in the translation industry. EuroMinds Linguistics makes efficient use of translation memory tools in order to offer you high-quality translations at reduced costs. Translation memory tools increase efficiency by allowing the reuse of previously translated phrases and terms for future projects.

EuroMinds Linguistics creates a unique translation memory database for each client which is only used for projects from this client. Our CAT tools also allow us to build a glossary or terminology database for each client, so we can maintain consistency of vocabulary and terminology for future projects.


Benefits of using CAT tools:

  • Quality assurance – improved quality and consistency of translations.
  • Speed – using previously translated segments reduces translation time for future projects.
  • Cost efficiency – repeated and/or previously translated segments are charged at reduced rates.
  • Increased productivity – repeated segments do not have to be translated twice.