Translation Checklist

If you need to have a text translated and haven’t dealt with translation services before, this checklist will help you to understand the translation process better. It will also help the translation agency to better understand your project and requirements.

Into which language (and variations of that language) would you like the document to be translated?  Some languages have variations, such as Dutch and Flemish, French and Canadian French or simplified or traditional Chinese.

Do you have any specific company terminology or an in-house style guide? Is there any reference material such as previous translations or publications which can be useful for the translator?

Is your translation intended only for information or will the document be published?

E.g. sometimes legal documents or certificates such as passports, marriage or birth certificates need to be signed and stamped by a sworn translator.

Will the document be used within the company or will it be published for specialists or for the wider public?

E.g. Word, Excel, PDF, scanned document etc.

Some texts, even in Word, contain graphics or images which are not editable. Would you need these translated and if so, how would you like the text to be inserted in the translation (e.g. as a bilingual table under the image)?

Does the translation require typesetting and formatting?

If you have any queries regarding our translation services, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are happy to help you and provide you with a free and non-binding quote.