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Translation services for the Travel and Tourism Industry


The global tourism industry is one of the largest economic sectors overall. Our world has become smaller and smaller, and many people today have become globetrotters. Tourism plays an important role worldwide and for many companies and organisations in the travel industry it is vital to publish documents and websites in the language of their customers. To accommodate the needs of your customers and attract businesses and tourists, you need to communicate effectively and seamlessly with your clients. Quality translation of your materials allows you to create a global presence and build brand loyalty.

By providing high quality translation services for the travel and tourism industry, we help you to be a leader among your peers by meeting your customers’ needs. We provide translations of printed materials such as brochures and menus as well as online texts and websites.

Translators specialised in the tourism and travel industry

Our linguists are native-speaking translators and have industry-specific education as well as years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. They have an expert knowledge of the industry-specific terminology and can adapt the tone and style of the translation to suit the cultural context in the target country.

Quality assurance

Quality is our priority and to ensure the quality of our translations, each translation is then proofread by a second qualified translator. The proofreader checks the translation for accuracy, consistency and terminology as well as grammar and spelling errors.

Using a translation memory tool, we build glossaries and translation memories for each client. This helps the translators to ensure consistent use of terminology. Passages which have been translated previously, can be re-used for future translations. Depending on the nature of the text, this can lead to reduce the cost of the translation and shorten the timeframe.

Dedicated project managers

One of our project managers will ensure that your document is assigned to the best suitable translator and proofreader for your project, based on the translator’s qualification and experience. Your assigned project manager will take care of your project and give you advice and support.


We understand how important it is to treat client information and documents confidentially. EuroMinds Linguistics signs confidentiality agreements with our external translators. We are also happy to sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients when required.


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