Complete language services and solutions

EuroMinds Linguistics offers concrete and effective solutions in the fields of translation, revision (editing and proofreading), interpretation, audio transcription and multilingual typesetting and is your agency of choice when you need fast, reliable and cost-effective solutions. If your business operates internationally, our professional language services will benefit your business activities. Whether you require the translation of a business card, a legal document or an annual report or instruction manual, we provide top language solutions to companies worldwide. We also work for individual clients, providing sworn (certified) translations of personal documents such as marriage certificates or driving licenses and interpreting services for weddings or medical appointments.




EuroMinds Linguistics offers specialised translation services for a wide range of clients across all industries.

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…revision and editing. To ensure the high quality of our translations, all our projects are proofread by a second professional translator.

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Based in the heart of the European Union, we provide interpreting services to national and international companies.

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Interpreting equipment

Together with our partners, we provide technical and conference equipment for interpreting events.

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Audio transcription

EuroMinds Linguistics carries out transcription services for audio material, such as videos and interviews.

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Desktop publishing

Do you need a multilingual brochure or flyer? We provide foreign language typesetting.

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Our linguists:

Hold a university degree in translation or languages

Have at least 3 years of experience as a translator

Are specialists in a chosen subject

Translate only into their native languages

Are members of a professional translator’s association