Legal translations

Translation services for the legal sector – translations of contracts and legal documents

Legal translations need to be clear, accurate and reliable. Our pool of legal translators has the expertise and industry knowledge to deliver them.

We provide legal translation services to national and international law firms as well as legal departments of organisations and corporations. When translating legal and contractual documentation, deadlines are often tight, yet translations have to be of impeccable quality, accurate and precise. We, at EuroMinds Linguistic understand your requirements.

Specialised Legal Translators

As mistranslations in a legal text could lead to loss of money or a lawsuit, we only work with professional translators specialised in legal translations. Our translations are always carried out by translators who are native speakers of the target language and all our translations are proofread by a second skilled translator with industry knowledge.

Most of these language specialists are either qualified lawyers, have studied law or have worked and gained experience in this field. They are qualified and accredited translators with an attention to detail. Many of our legal translators are also certified translators, who are sworn and registered at a Court of Justice.

As a result, EuroMinds Linguistic can also provide sworn and legalised translations for corporate clients as well as private clients.

Quality Assurance

Our translation tools allow us to build glossaries and translation memories to ensure the correct and consistent use of terminology and ensure the high quality of your translations.

Project Management

One of our dedicated project managers will take care of your projects from start to finish, ensuring that the project will be delivered on time and within budget. Close contact and dialogue with our clients is important to us


We understand how important it is to treat client information and documents confidentially. EuroMinds Linguistics signs confidentiality agreements with our external translators. We can also sign non-disclosure agreements with our clients when required.

Example documents:

Code of conducts
Employment contracts
Immigration law
International Property Rights
Human rights
Labour law
Litigation materials
Terms and conditions
Trade regulations
Sworn translations