Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions


These general conditions apply to all services provided by EuroMinds Linguistics, namely translation, interpretation, proofreading/editing, multilingual desktop publishing and transcription. They have contractual value between the customer and EuroMinds Linguistics, upon signature of a quotation form issued by EuroMinds Linguistics and / or a purchase order issued by the customer. The signed order confirmation implies total and unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions on the part of the customer unless otherwise specified in writing and signed by both the customer and EuroMinds Linguistics.


The term “customer” refers to any natural or legal person represented by the signatory of the quote or purchase order.

The term “quote” refers to any documents sent by EuroMinds Linguistics to the customer including the description of the work to be carried out, the planned time frame and the service fee.

Submission of quotes

Quote requests and orders may be sent to EuroMinds Linguistics by any member of the customer’s staff using one of the following methods:

  • Via email to our info@eurominds-linguistics.com address or directly to one of EuroMinds Linguistics’ staff.
  • Via dropbox or ftp servers
  • Via our web-based order form
  • Via fax


Our price offers are free of charge preliminary drafts and always without any engagement. They are based on the information provided by the customer or the documents for translation supplied by the customer. If the documents for translation are not final yet, EuroMinds Linguistics will provide a cost estimation which will be adjusted upon receipt of all final documents and instructions for translation or proofreading/ editing.

The quote is made after reviewing of all documents to be translated, and taking into account the content, format, time constraints and other specific guidelines given by the customer.


Our translation and proofreading/ editing services are calculated on the basis of a per source word price with a minimum charge of €35.

Our basic rates are subject to an additional charge depending on the format of the documents to be translated and the urgency of the translation.

Interpretation services are charged on a half day and full day basis and prices for transcription services are based on per minute prices.

Any decision to offer a discount due to the repetitive nature of the source text, a volume discount or any other preferential rate, whether it is a percentage or a fix amount , remains at the sole discretion of EuroMinds Linguistics.

The translation of non-editable text in the source file is drafted underneath the respective image (non-editable text) or in the notes pages in case of PowerPoint files. The customer is responsible for reintegration of the translated text into his original files.


All orders must be confirmed in writing. The customer shall return the quote issued by EuroMinds Linguistics by post or electronic means (e-mail or fax), after having dated, signed and stamped it. We also require the customer to provide us with his postal address for invoicing purposes as well as his VAT number if applicable.

Any additional request or modification about the service, once the signed quote has been returned, may lead to a corresponding change in the price and/or the deadline.

The deadline runs from the day the order is confirmed, and only the working days are included in the delivery date.

EuroMinds Linguistics may reject orders from a customer if their content is illegal or unethical.

Payment terms

Any order may be subject to a prepayment request. The amount is then defined by EuroMinds Linguistics and is specified on the quote. In this case, the work will not commence until the prepayment has been received. Receipt of the prepayment acts as confirmation of the order.

Unless otherwise agreed between EuroMinds Linguistics and the customer at the time of the order confirmation, invoices are payable within 30 calendar days from the issue date of the invoice. The payment can be made either by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal payable to EuroMinds Linguistics or to the indicated PayPal account.

Any delay in payment or failure to pay shall lead to the suspension of the execution and cancellation of ongoing orders and all sums due by the customer will become payable immediately. EuroMinds Linguistics reserves the right to initiate further steps and to request default interests at a rate equal to one and half times the current central bank base rate.

Copyright and intellectual property rights

Until full and final payment for the services provided, namely translation, proofreading/ editing, interpretation, multilingual DTP and transcription, all copyright and other intellectual property rights shall vest with EuroMinds Linguistics in accordance with the legislation in force pertaining to intellectual property.

Deadlines and delivery period

EuroMinds Linguistics shall make every effort to meet the deadlines requested by the customer. In absence of any special agreements, the delivery period indicated on the quote shall be effective as from the day on which the order is confirmed (or, if agreed, upon receipt of payment). EuroMinds Linguistics shall be responsible for informing the customer of any changes regarding the estimated delivery date.


Any order is considered to be confirmed upon receipt of the signed quote form or a Purchase Order issued by the customer or, if otherwise agreed, upon receipt of a partial or full pre-payment.

In case of the cancellation of an order, the customer is liable to pay 100% of the order value for any work performed up to the moment of cancellation. Upon the request of the customer, EuroMinds Linguistics may provide the customer with the work already completed.

In the event an order is cancelled before work on the project has begun, EuroMinds Linguistics may waive the charges for the order.

Cancellation of interpretation orders

Interpretation orders can be cancelled free of charge until 15 calendar days before the interpretation event.

In the event that the assignment is cancelled 8 to 15 calendar days before the day of the interpretation, the customer is liable to pay 50% of the total amount.

In the event that the assignment is cancelled 7 or less calendar days before the day of the interpretation, the customer is liable to pay 100% of the total amount.


EuroMinds Linguistics makes commitment to respect the confidentiality of any information that will be provided as part of the provision of services. Any information given will be treated confidentially and will not, neither in whole nor in part, be disclosed to any third parties without prior written agreement from the customer.

Translators working on our behalf systematically sign a Confidentiality Agreement by which they also commit themselves to respect the strictest confidentiality and accept their direct liability in case of their disclosure of information made available to them for the purpose of their services.

EuroMinds Linguistics would like to draw the customer’s attention to the fact that any data submitted over the Internet, via email or any other non-secure connection is not fully protected from being accessible by third parties. The communication of any information of a sensitive nature is at the sole risk of the user. The customer shall not hold EuroMinds Linguistics liable for any possible leakage of information exchanged over the Internet.

Claims, liability and compensation

Any claims regarding the quality of the services supplied by EuroMinds Linguistics shall be submitted in writing within a period of 10 working days after receipt of the service. Once this period has passed, all services shall be considered as correct and approved by the customer and shall be legitimately invoiced.

If the complaint is received within the stipulated period, EuroMinds Linguistics shall correct any text which contains well-founded mistranslations or terminology errors free of charge. Any claims should clearly state the objected text passages and give reasons for the complaint with pertinent supporting examples. EuroMinds Linguistics reserves the right to seek the help of an independent professional translator who was not involved in the project in question and who will review the translation and provide specific feedback and comments on the quality of the translation. In the event that the complaint was not justified, the customer shall be liable to pay the costs of the independent translator.

If the complaint is legitimate, EuroMinds Linguistics shall adapt one of the following compensatory measures:

  • Correct any translations which contain well-founded errors free of charge and within a timely manner, or
  • Grant a discount on the invoice, of up to a maximum of 30% of the value of the invoice concerned (before taxes), or
  • Grant a credit note against a future order up to a maximum of 30% of the value of the invoice concerned (before taxes).
  • In the rare event, that it is not possible to prepare a corrected translation, an appropriate price reduction shall be granted.

EuroMinds Linguistics’ liability shall never exceed the invoice amount of the order in question.

Limitation of liability

EuroMinds Linguistics shall not be held liable for:

  • Claims made regarding stylistic preferences or alternative choices of terminology,
  • Any inconsistencies or ambiguities in the source text,
  • Any delays in delivery of the services caused by a technical problem beyond its control (power cuts, computer failures , corrupted files, illegibility of texts),
  • Damage or possible loss of messages arising from a fault incurred by the transmission by fax, email, Internet or any other postal means,
  • Damage arising from cases of force majeure,
  • Terminological changes made by the customer after delivery, despite the use of a validated glossary or reference material provided by the customer.

Data security

EuroMinds Linguistics is committed to protecting the customer’s privacy. Any data and information submitted to us will be stored confidentially and securely. The data will not be accessible to third parties, neither in part nor whole, without the consent of the customer. All information will be used lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).

Data we store include name, company name and contact details in order to communicate with our customers during the completion and invoicing phase of the project. We will make every effort to keep the information we hold about you accurate and up-to-date.

Applicable law

All legal relations between EuroMinds Linguistics and the customer and any dispute with regard to the performance or invoicing of the services that cannot be solved amicably shall be subject to German law and the jurisdiction of the Court of Hamburg, if not otherwise agreed.